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Why me? Why Celebrancy? 


You know what really makes me excited? Why I get out of bed in the morning? 


People like you!

We are all so different: our lives, our interests, our cultures, our stories. No two people are the same. We get to make connections with people every day. Different people. Share experiences: common interests or contrasting ones. 

To me, it is what life is all about.

I’m fascinated by individual stories. We all have them. 

I imagine people are the colourful threads that make up the fabrics of life. And that life is a patchwork quilt stitched together by journeys. 

Where have you been? What makes you who you are today? 

What stitches hold you together to make the pattern of you? 

Typical Gemini - I am curious and I’m captivated. 

I always have been.

It is was drew me to being an English and Drama teacher all them years ago.   Working with young people you hear stories all the time and I loved it! 

But recently I discovered I don’t just want to learn about people’s stories; I want to celebrate them too! 

Last year, I turned the grand old age of 30, and I attended countless 30th birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, christenings, naming ceremonies, you name it– all the events that mark those big important “life affirming” moments for people. Each event was so different, but what struck me were the ceremonies; they included people from all walks of life, each with different journeys, sat in one room, celebrating. Celebrating the life, love or story of the people close to them. 

One humanist wedding I attended brought together a mad Irish family with a bunch of New Zealanders. Safe to say, this was not your conventional ceremony. The bride and groom tribe danced their way down the aisle and even incorporated a riverdance for guests. There was a handfasting led by the groom’s mother followed by a participatory rendition of ‘It Must Be Love’ by Madness, in place of the traditional hymn. And it made me think, this is how ceremonies should be, without all the boring legal stuff, but weaved together by all the elements of culture, rituals or traditions that are important to the couple or the family. It should paint a unique story, in a way that is meaningful and enjoyable for everyone sat in that room.

As well as all the joyous occasions 2019 brought me, I also had the crushing task of saying goodbye to my best friend at her funeral. Never do you think you would have to do that at my age. You could say my threads were ripped apart and the fabrics of me were torn to pieces. I was heart-broken. But in many ways, it was the funeral that helped me to pick up the needle and try stitching myself back together again. I was amazed by how a death of a friend brought people together, how it encouraged people to connect and reconnect and how, that day, we really celebrated her life. We told her story and every last colourful detail. It was beautiful.

After my intimate experiences of life’s very ups and downs, of love and loss, I decided it was my mission to connect the colourful threads that make up our individual stories and make sure life is celebrated! To the max. 

And that’s what I do. I re-trained as an independent celebrant, and now I specialise in colourful, captivating and courageous ceremonies. Full of love and celebration for all. 

I love it! 

I get to celebrate with people like you. Not only do I get to hear your tales of love, but I get build a personal relationship with you. Instead of just meeting on the day, we will spend some time getting to know one another, I’ll ask all the right questions so I can get a sense of you and what’s important to you. 

Together we can turn your stories into captivating ceremonies. 

As a super sociable and enormously empathic Gemini, I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.

So get in touch! I hope you have some sense of who I am by now, and what I am offering, but there is so much more I want to discuss and I can’t wait to hear from you. 

Drop me a message and let’s have a chat.

Let’s celebrate life,